About Lindsey

Hi!  I am Lindsey Mayo, owner of Erin Grace Designs Photography.   My love affair with photography goes back – way back into my high school days.  I took photography classes, loved them, and have enjoyed everything about it ever since.

Before I became a mommy to my beautiful daughters, Erin Grace (born March 2012) and Alanna Bryn (born April 2017), I was an elementary school teacher for 9 years.  I graduated with my BS in elementary education from Widener University.  Working with children and helping people has always been all I have ever wanted to do with my life!  After my daughter was born, I had to take some time off from teaching.  Although I miss teaching desperately, I have enjoyed every moment of being with my daughter.  Her arrival has been the most amazing thing that has ever happened to my husband and me.

During all of this change, I had a vision.  I decided I was going to pursue my dreams of another passion – that’s right, PHOTOGRAPHY!  I started doing shoots for friends and family members. I had my husband start helping me construct different types of homemade backdrops.  It just took off from there.  I would get emails from people I did not know, asking for more information about my photography!

That all leads me to where I am today!  If I could tell you one thing about this art, it is that it is a learning process.  Being a teacher for so long, I have a love for learning.  There is always something new and amazing to discover every time I get behind the lens!

I have a different vision for each and every session.  I want each session to be a reflection of my subject.   People always say that “time flies” and I thought I understood what that meant, but I really had no idea. Only now, after the birth of my daughter, do I truly understand the meaning of this.  My goal is to “capture time” for you in a collection of images that you and your loved ones can reflect on and cherish forever!

Have a question? Just ask.

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