Christmas Photography – YIKES!

Christmas/Holiday Photographers - YIKES!

Welcome to the world of Christmas and holiday photography. For many people, this is a time to start your research and find a local photographer to take great pictures of your family (or at least that is always the hope.) For some, it’s as simple as contacted their trusty “moment catcher” who has proven themselves time and time again. Now, for others … it’s time to start googling poses, how-to articles, and visiting the local hardware and craft store to create the perfect Pinterest inspired setting. So, which are you? I am going to break down things to look for when choosing a photographer.

As for the tired and proven, if you love them, stick with them. The relationship alone (especially if there are children involved) is one of the most important aspects to having pictures that feel comfortable and natural.

Point and Shoot!

I know this may sound silly, but yes, I have been on location and actually witnessed a “photographer” photographing a family with a point n’ shoot camera. Please, when interviewing a photographer, ask them about their equipment. They should know their brands, models, bodies, lenses, and photography devices right off the top of their head. If they stumble, so should you … right off the phone!

The "Landscape" Guy

Landscape photography is a craft of it’s own, as is portraiture photography. Just because one has captured the essences of a style of photography DOES NOT mean all styles are within reach. I have found that when working with people (moreso infants, children and teenagers),75% of the final product is PEOPLE, not the geographic background. If the most beautiful composition has been captured, but the family doesn’t look natural, or even just looking, or smiling, or happy or crying or ……… I think you get it. Composition is great, but YOU are what is most important.

The "Crazy Photographer"

Well … No! You may think I’m kidding, but it’s a real thing. Watch the video, it’s not a real photographer, but it will give you a laugh!

Ask For References

When you think you have finally found the one, allow yourself just a few more minutes and ask for some references. Any successful photographer will have a plethora of references to hand over. Make sure you actually contact the references though. Ask them all the questions you have, and don’t stop until you are satisfied. Don’t worry, a happy customer will be more than happy to brag about their great experience … wouldn’t you?

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